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Business Description: Photo Entertainment for EVERY occasion! Our variety of dynamic services allows you to find the photo entertainment that best fits your event, from our traditional photo booth, to the Flipbook station, and Slow Motion videos, all of our booths are open set, which means everyone can join in on the fun! You can fit as many as 12 people in the shot and no matter where the booth is located, everyone at the event will be able to enjoy the entertainment. All of our services have features that can be custom fit for your particular event! With over 50 backdrop selections, a vast variety of themed props, and even personalized print layouts, you are guaranteed a one of a kind experience! SnapFiesta doesn’t only offer you interactive fun and entertainment, but also professional quality products! The use of high-end lighting and photography equipment, combined with years of professional photography experience allows us to offer the highest quality photographs and videos for your event needs. From the moment you enter our site, we consider your satisfaction our most important duty! SnapFiesta makes a point of answering quickly and efficiently to all of your questions and needs. Our client focused team is fully dedicated to making the entire process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you and your guests!
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  • Small Business (defined as less than 100 employees by state and local agencies)
  • Founded in San Francisco
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
Business Phone Number: (855)762-7343
San Francisco, CA, United States, San Francisco 94101
Website: SnapFiesta
Social Media Handles: Twitter & Instagram: @snapfiesta