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Business Description: Passionate about producing sustainable handcrafted natural bath and body products, Etta + Billie's mission is to create products that make you feel good, meet strict natural standards (No weird additives, No artificial colors, + No artificial scents) and utilize sustainable business practices. You can trust that every Etta + Billie product you put on your body was crafted with love + natural ingredients. As a certified Green Business in the Bay Area, we are committed to sustainable practices with a priority on our customers and the environment. From the moment we step into the office and flip on the switch, we are conserving energy + water, reducing waste + recycling, sourcing recycled materials that are non-toxic, and making sure that the products we deliver are gentle on the environment + your skin.
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  • Small Business (defined as less than 100 employees by state and local agencies)
  • Founded in San Francisco
  • Woman Owned
Business Phone Number: 8444578491
1777 Yosemite Ave, Suite 55, San Francisco
Social Media Handles: https://www.facebook.com/EttaandBillie https://instagram.com/ettaandbillie/ https://twitter.com/alanarivera https://twitter.com/ettaandbillie