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Business Description: Body Awakening was founded from a vision to reconnect modern day people with a lifestyle of wellness, rooted in knowledge and wisdom of ancient healing traditions. Our intention is to empower our clients to adopt a lifestyle of complete well-being through holistic and proactive approaches to health. We offer theraputc massage therapy, personal training, private Yoga and meditation instruction for individual clients customized wellness events and workshops for groups and businesses. Body Awakening conducts business in a way that contributes to the community. We strives to conduct business in a way that mitigates environmental impact on the Earth. Some of the initiatives taken to honor this commitment are the use of paperless records and organic products, green transport stipend, reverse-osmosis water to clients after massage sessions and wellness events for our local community.
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Category, if selected, "Other": Massage Therapy
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  • Small Business (defined as less than 100 employees by state and local agencies)
  • Founded in San Francisco
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
Business Phone Number: (415) 656-5873
3150 18th St. Suite 528, San Francisco 94110
Social Media Handles: @bodyawakening