Small Business Success Stories

1300 on Fillmore

1300 on Fillmore has had the honor of working with many companies and organizations throughout our fine city. For example, in partnership with the hospitals of Kaiser Permanente, we organize a series of small group dinners for over 115 doctors across varying practices within our restaurant space. The purpose of the dinners was to allow for networking in a new environment while fostering collaboration and team building within a large organization. We’re also a preferred Small Business partner for Kaiser Permanente families to visit locally for a cozy meal during their times away from the hospital. Working with companies like Kaiser allows us to focus on other projects we’re passionate about, such as our “Sips With Soul” event, which honors Black History Month every February with food and wine tasting. We also work with Mo’Magic, an SF-based nonprofit, to create a mentorship series where we host culinary cooking classes and teach youth restaurant etiquette and table manners.



Straus Events

The only way Straus Events has been able to thrive over the last 9 years is through strong partnerships with local companies and community organizations. One such partnership is with (if)we, an exciting Bay Area tech company, who we’ve worked with for the past 4 years to support internal and external events. We work closely with their staff to produce four internal events that strategically support company goals, and provide advice and additional support as needed for their other marketing efforts. Our expertise and capacity around creative and logistics allows them to focus on what they do best!

Working with larger companies has allowed us the opportunity to work on larger events and create more examples of success/portfolio pieces. Ultimately, you’re only as good as your last event. And these last events with these larger partners are definitely something we’re proud to talk about!

Nana Joes

We love working with the Google offices in San Francisco! What started out as vendor for their annual Holiday Faire turned into a working relationship. We feel great about stocking their offices with healthy, whole foods snacks including a custom granola blend, orange spiced mixed nuts, and cookies. This partnership with Google is profitable for our business but also reinforces our values of providing wholesome and nutritious food for as many people as we can. Working with businesses like this increases knowledge of our company and keeps our kitchen busy! Plus it helps fuel positive energy in the workplace for a more efficient and pleasant working environment.

We built out a kitchen over 3 years ago to keep up with demand. Adding on more orders has become significantly easier with the extra space and we can keep raw ingredients on hand. What we sell to Google was already in our production, so making more granola takes less time than say making a separate batch. We have a very detailed production list everyday with a little wiggle room to add on more stores if we sell to new clients during the week.

I really think it helps fuel positive energy into our work place because we know where everything we produce is headed. I love selling to Google and it helps generate more revenue that in turn adds more hours to each employees shifts. The closer we are to full time for each employee the happier everyone is!­



Here at Rickshaw Bagworks, we specialize in messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases for urban professionals—all made right here in San Francisco in our own factory. We work with many local companies, big and small, to support their events and outfit their employees with co-branded custom bags. We have recently worked on large projects for companies like Google, Elance, oDesk, New Relic, eSurance and Airbnb. We love working with local companies to develop creative, customized products that celebrate and support local manufacturing.



Business Pledge Testimonials


airbnb_vertical_lockup_webAs a company, shopping locally is a reflection of our core values. Whenever possible, we buy from local vendors such as AAA Business Supplies & Interiors, Bird & Beckett Books, Magnolia Brewery, Social Imprints, Rickshaw Bagworks, Mission Glass, and Ace Plumbing. The growth of our company and community—which has exceeded our wildest expectations—has only been possible because we we call San Francisco home. As our business grows, our local spending will grow too, and we are committed to helping maintain this city’s vibrant business community by shopping local.




Recology-Logo_4CRecology, San Francisco’s recycling and compost collection company, started in San Francisco and is based in The City. We say supporting local, home-grown companies, small businesses, is fundamental to supporting San Francisco itself. We are long-time supporters of The San Chamber of Commerce, The Council of District Merchants, and other groups and organizations representing the interests of small businesses. We patronize service and supply companies in The City. Examples include The Soup Company, Alma Street Media, GoodLife Grocery, and Rainbow Grocery, and San Francisco-based newspapers. Small businesses are our customers and we are their customer. By supporting each other we strengthen San Francisco’s economy, which ultimately is beneficial to everyone.




At the Hyatt Regency, we work with La Cocina to continue to identify emerging business.   Their mission is to “cultivate low income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. We focus primarily on women from communities of color and immigrant communities. Our vision is that entrepreneurs gain financial security by doing what they love to do, creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape.”


With their partnership, we have recently identified 2 local small business – Kika’s Treats and Sabores del Sur – that supply items for our room service amenity program with well received results.  Kika’s caramels and Sabores del Sur’s alfajores cookies are outstanding and guest favorites.



We’re pleased to call San Francisco our headquarters. We’ve had the pleasure to work with an incredible range of businesses, from companies like Wells Fargo and HP, to local organizations and businesses like Kokkari and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. Working with these businesses has allowed us to grow to include affiliate offices across the country, but our marketing services and experts are all housed under one roof here in San Francisco, where we’ve been since 1984. It has always been important to us to work with local clients, big and small, and doing so has allowed us to work on projects we’re proud of and passionate about.



MacKenzie Communications Inc

Buying and shopping local has always been our preference, and we’re pleased to see that the Chamber is encouraging all businesses – large, small, and in-between – to support other local enterprises.  It’s not only makes good business sense to support each other, it’s better for the environment, and a great way to build relationships. And, if you have a “problem,” it is so much easier and more productive to work them out with local contacts.  So whether it’s office supplies; IT support services; or coffee and pastries for the client meeting, we support and advocate for “buy and shop local!”