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Business Description: Dr. Grigorieva is a psychotherapist, assessor, consultant, and researcher with over 8 years of providing professional mental health services to San Francisco/Bay Area’s diverse couples, immigrants and natives, artists and creative people, working professionals and students, veterans, traumatized people, and those involved in special ed. and the child protective services systems. Dr. Grigorieva specializes in helping people overcome following issues: Specialties Big T & small t traumas: immigration/relocation, grief, traumatic incidents (e.g., abuse/assault), and social traumas (e.g., bullying) and their role in obsessive thought patterns, depression, and anxiety; Self-esteem & selfhood: self-concept and self-esteem in various cultures and subcultures; women’s issues Dating & relationship issues: dependence and independence, closeness, satisfaction, and communication in couples; nontraditional relationships. Populations Dr. Grigorieva is passionate about helping diverse teens, adults, and couples, who belong to (but are not limited to) the following populations: -Immigrants -Professionals with demanding jobs -Latino, African-American, and White clients -LGBTQQI clients Dr. Grigorieva provides psychotherapy in English and/or Russian, and offers a limited amount of reduced-fee slots. Please contract her with any questions or to schedule a free-of-charge initial consultation.
Business Phone Number: 415-506-9777
350 Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, CA, United States, #601, San Francisco 94117