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Business Description: IPA works with hospitality and retail clients to help them unlock revenue on their essential services (merchant, mobile, energy, security, etc.) and kill their bills. Ideal clients are hospitality, franchise and retail businesses with multiple locations who have lean margins and need to find innovative ways to improve cash flow to stay competitive. They are adversely affected by minimum wage, health care and other government mandates that increase their cost of doing business. These clients don't have the time or staff to fully evaluate their current essential services and are paying more than they should for what they currently have. IPA shows clients how to streamline, enhance and save money on their essential services while sharing how they can eliminate some of these bills.
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  • Small Business (defined as less than 100 employees by state and local agencies)
  • Founded in San Francisco
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
Business Phone Number: 415-425-6040
2158 27th Ave., San Francisco 94116