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The “buy local” pledge

Innovation comes from businesses of all sizes, and there is no shortage of vibrant sourcing options in San Francisco. By taking the pledge, you are committing to try to identify sourcing needs that can be shifted locally to work towards supporting other San Francisco businesses. Whether it is the cookies for your holiday party or the printing of new promotional materials, San Francisco has a diverse array of options. SF Biz Connect is here to make it easier by connecting you with businesses that can meet your business needs locally.

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This pledge is not legally binding in any way and does not require any disclosures or reporting from your business. This “goodwill” effort is intended to empower your company to lead by example to support local small business. SF Biz Connect encourages businesses to look locally first when it makes sense for their sourcing needs. Shifting even an additional 5% of your bay area spending to local and small businesses helps drive innovative, quality products and services in our community.

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